What we don't teach kids about sex

Last Friday I gave a workshop about sexuality for a group of 16 adults in the coworking space in Bansko, Bulgaria.

One of the participants said after: "It's amazing that we talked the whole evening about sexuality, without actually talking about sex (as intercourse)."

There is so much more to discover about our own sexuality than we could ever imagine! Sexuality is still the most suppressed topic in personal development. Because of SHAME, it happens mostly in the shadow. But by talking, learning and exploring our own shame, desires, belief system, body, and senses, we bring it into the light. We give it permission to grow and expand.

I would love it if children were taught about understanding their own sexuality and sensuality in a healthy and safe way from a very young age, like how the woman in this video is talking about it. I would love to have your view on it if you've watched the video!

Do you as a parent involve this topic when raising your children and how? Do you think it is possible to implement awareness and learning about this in our education system (schools)? Do you know about some great examples? :)

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