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50 min  /  FREE

My work as a therapist is for one-on-one sessions and groups on topics as, sexuality, intimacy, relationships, personal growth & transformation, authenticity, trauma integration, conscious living & feeling etc.

I use a unique combination and mix of techniques and therapies that I have picked up in my own healing journey and education I got for the last 8 years.

In my sessions, I work with breath, sound, movement, presence, (active) meditation techniques, TRE, The wheel of consent, psychotherapy methods, energy work, trauma integration and de-armouring, massage, Tantric practice, transformational coaching, Systemic Constellations, creative therapy, emotional therapeutic bodywork, and so much more.

If you feel that you would like to explore one of those topics in your life with someone guiding you through the process or you just have a question for me, this is the time to test it out. 

I'm open to offer a 50 min online video session, free of charge, and work with you on what's 'present' at the moment.

I'm a trauma-educated and LGTBQI+, poly, kink, differently-abled, multicultural- friendly therapist.

If you've already worked with me and you feel someone in your circle should contact me, feel free to let them know they can receive this offer. 

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Dive deep: Individual Programm

3 months  / contact me for prices

6 online video coaching calls

5 body de-armouring sessions

1 therapeutic tantric massage

support through email and message

When I was offering separate sessions I noticed, many people asked me: "How many sessions do I need for x or y?", "Will one session help for this issue?".

Often one or a couple of sessions benefited the person already for their specific question and then they would move on with their lives. Great, but when the transformation is linked to a pattern and not a one-time (T/traumatic) event, results usually don't last for very long or others triggers pop up not much later. 

My own deepest transformation and those of clients whom I've worked extensively with, happened in times of strong commitment (no running away when there is resistance), regular check-ins, taking responsibility for actions, showing up for my/themself, de-armouring layer after layer, going to the roots & core of behaviour, thoughts and feelings. 

WHAAA, if this happens... we go back into our essence. Our innocence! By pure PRESENCE we discover the playfulness and curiosity of living life in integrity again. (In intimacy, in work, in family life, ...) We're connected with the wisdom of our intuition and our heart. 

To take people on journeys like this makes me excited, makes me want to invest my time and energy in and makes my heart vibrate on a higher frequency. Because to be devoted to be in service of this process, is my purpose. 

Starting to feel a 'YES'? If you feel the calling to invest in a deep transformation of your life and we feel a good therapeutic connection, let's talk on how we can fit this journey in something custom made for you. 

What is possible? 

My standard offer:

3 months - 3 to 5 sessions a month of +/-90 min

In average this might look like: 

(But can be different upon your needs)


12 body approached online coaching calls

support through email and message

(the option to combine some bodyworksessions in a private weekend retreat at my location)

What is happening during such sessions? 

I use a unique combination and mix of techniques and therapies that I have picked up in my own healing journey and education I got for the last 8 years. 

In my sessions, I work with breath, sound, movement, presence, (active) meditation techniques, TRE, The wheel of consent, energy work, massage, Tantric practice, transformational coaching, Systemic Constellations, creative therapy, emotional therapeutic bodywork, and so much more.

Everyone is unique, so there will not be a strict buildup of a session. These will look different with each person and each appointment according to the topic and energy you bring. 

The de-armouring can be used along the whole body (internal and external) as a way of treating pain, tension, desensitization, blockades or emotional and energetic traumas that have manifested themselves in the body.

The technique is a soft-touch pressure point massage and works mostly on energetic, physical and emotional healing-level.

What you will get out of it?

You will be more connected with your body and heart

You'll be able to explore intimacy from a feeling of responsible innocence

Better communication with loved ones

Attract more of what you want in life

A better understanding of your boundaries and how to request for consent

Learn to hold space for yourself when things are hard

Release shame, trauma, blockages, fears

Be able to live more purposefully and in flow

Testimonial of Sarah, a 28 yo music therapist:

"Summer 2019. Searching, lost with myself. When the door opened, I could feel: “I can be here, to just be”. Feeling the flame back in myself, vigilant, cautious, grateful for this first courageous step towards my core. Minne guides me, session after session, closer to my inner compass. Who am I? What do I feel? Do I feel anything at all? How safe is it in my body? Where do I want to go? Already after the first session, I can feel the connection with myself again, energy starting to flow anew. I am growing, I let go, open to every emotion, feeling the flow of more energy every time. I feel stronger, my life aligning. I feel with my heart where I want to go, my head joins the sidelines. The woman I was, no longer exists. And yet she is so present because deep within me, She: a powerful, beautiful woman. Sizzling with so much pleasure in a completely new way. How the light - or was it the darkness - so suddenly falls different inside... In me. She."

Write to me, if you want to talk about if this is something for you, practical arrangements and prices. 


Workshops & Retreats

Ask for prices

To create awareness around connection and intimacy you don't need just knowledge, but also experience. There is no easier way to grow than with people around you who are eager to practice with you and someone to coach you through the process. 


I've been offering very accessible (introduction) workshops in cities around the world.  This allows you to get to know me, my coaching style, and the topic. Watch my Facebook page to receive updates about my new locations and agenda.

Topics that are repeated often: 'Our sexual brain', 'Naked Womencircle', 'Exploring Desires', 'Tantric Cacao-Ceremony', 'Conscious relating', 'Trauma release exercises', 'Playfight', 'Conscious kink', etc.


I do retreats as a participant all the time! It's one of my favourite ways to learn. You get intensely soaked in the matter, it's not that easy to run away from, the commitment is in all ways powerful, and you get to connect deeply with others. While usually the set up is in a nice holiday-feel spot with someone cooking healthy yummy food for me. What's not to like?


So yesss, I'm organising retreats myself as I know first hand how life-changing those can be.  Contact me to know more about upcoming retreats.


* Note: I DON'T make diagnoses, give medical advice or claim to heal all your trauma's. I work from my personal experience and professional background as a Socio-Educational Therapist and intimacy counsellor. If needed I will refer or advise you to seek professional medical help. 

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