Compass to Connection & the Founder, Minne Marlo

How it all started

My mission with Compass to Connection is to create more

awareness, tolerance, and empowerment in relationships and sexual growth. I want to enable love; to make the world a better place.


Compass to Connection started in early 2017 as a project researching

the experiences of others and inspire by sharing their stories.

I was doing lots of interviews with people all over the world, with

different genders, ages, and backgrounds focusing on love and sexuality.


It brought me so much value --- I was eager to continue sharing parts of these interviews with the C2C community.


But then this happened next: because of a technical issue, I lost 16 audio recordings of interviews I still had to process. It was at least 100 hours of work and all the content and value vanished into nothing. I was devastated for weeks I was sure the Universe tried to send a message to me, however, unsure if it meant that I should stop Compass to Connection…


I slowly realised that my personal goal with Compass to Connection was always about my own sexual growth and how this exploration could turn into something that was inspiring to others. This technical accident was a gift to start bringing my own stories and insights. Until that moment, I had not dared to open up and be vulnerable about myself because of shame and fear. Taking on this challenge for myself to share my own stories and insights now was the most powerful thing I could do for my own process and for the Compass to Connection platform.  


Vulnerability is the bridge to build a connection. A connection that I now use to inspire and guide people through their own journey in intimacy. Immediately the requests to facilitate workshops and coach people started to arrive from all over Europe.

Minne Marlo

When I started to coach I felt the expectation to be perfect in relationships, expressing sexuality and to be an expert and leader in those topics. But I wasn't! Compass to Connection was really my own experimental platform and by trial/error (and receiving coaching myself) I realised that perfection is not what made me inspiring. The authenticity and vulnerability of my own struggles and insights was exactly where people found value and the ability to relate.


This is my current mission statement:

"Driven by LOVE and PASSION, I want to inspire people to live in the most authentic connection with Ourselves, Others and Nature."


My name is Minne Marlo and I was born in Belgium. Since 2013 I’ve been mostly nomadic, living a minimalist life, travelling and living in different places around the world. In the summer of 2019, I have settled in Ghent. I’ve finished my studies as a Socio Educational Therapist at the University of Brussels and since been specializing in coaching, creative therapy, sexual education, psychology, spirituality, personal development and Tantra in various countries.


When I'm not busy with Compass to Connection, I love to digital detox in nature, read personal development books, dance, plan my next trip, challenge myself to cook plant-based or go to different workshops and retreats.



You can get a more personal look at my stories in my blog.​​




I would also like to take this space to extend my gratitude to all the other people behind Compass to Connection. Without my friends, mentors, coaches and (ex-)lovers C2C wouldn't be what it is now. 


Also, much love goes to all the photographers who've been making the beautiful images you see on my blog and website:                  

Jay Ngai, Bert Potvliege, Frédéric Cotman, Alex James, Filippo Magenes, Hannelore Haemers & Mary Osk.

Relevant Education

2019 - Intensive: I Am Sovereign Approach (Brasil)

2019 - Somatic Thai bodywork (Belgium)

2019 - Awakening through Pleasure -Trauma release (Sweden)

2019 - Blissfull Lovemaking Training (Belgium)

2019 - De-armouring Training for practitioners (Estonia)

2019 - Tantra & kink (Belgium)

2019 - Sexual de-armouring Training (The Netherlands)

2019 - Tantra massage (Belgium)

2018 - Sexuality & disability (Belgium)

2018 - Sensory Labyrinth Theatre (Poland)

2018 - Contact improvisation (Poland) 

2018 - Sexuality and Gender through Arts (Austria)

2018 - Emotional Trauma work for entrepreneurs (France)

2018 - Yoga & conscious business (Germany)

2018 - Tantra & kink (Belgium)

2018 - Meditation & family constellations (Marocco)

2018 - Tantric Touch (International)

2018 - Personal Development training (Georgia)

2017 - Tantra & Kink (Belgium)

2017 - Conflict resolution (Austria)

2017 - Sexual identity & Gender II (Finland)

2017 - Tantric rituals and sexual shadows (Crete)

2017 - Sexual De-armouring Training (Crete)

2017 - Tantra massage (Belgium & Crete)

2017 - Pilgrims route to Santiago (Spain)

2017 - Healing the feminine (Spain)

2017 - Conscious Intimacy (Belgium)

2016 - Yoga, meditation & personal transformation (Croatia)

2016 - Sexual identity & Gender (Finland)

2016 - Master training in transformational Coaching (Belgium)

2016 - Personal Development training (Lapland)

2015 - Bachelor in Socio-Educational Therapy (Belgium)

2015 - Pilgrims route to Santiago (Portugal)

2015 - Training personal Development (Bulgaria)

2015 - Fundamentals of Coaching (Belgium)

2015 - Personal Development training (Belgium)

2014 - Therapy internship (India)

2014 - First Aid (Belgium)

2013 - Social Care Practice (Ireland)

2013 - Degree of Performing Arts (Belgium)

2010 - Teaching course (Belgium)

2010 - Science of Health and Well-being (Belgium)

2009 - Disabilities & inclusion (Belgium)

2008 - Group dynamics & growth facilitation (Belgium)

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