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Bringing the shadow into the light


Shadi and I noticed there was hesitancy in subscribing to our Kinky cacao ceremony. Something we didn’t see for example in our Sensuous edition. We were talking, how can we show you a teaser of what our transmission on this topic will be like?

We know, Kink is often an expression of the shadows. Most people associate it with seriousness, dis-connection, trauma-bonding, shame, and pain. While this might be the reality for some who play in the bdsm/ kink field, (and not all of these aspects are unhealthy) this is not the way we want to go ahead with it during our time together.

For us, when we explore the elements of kink and bdsm, like impact-play, role-play, dom-sub play, fetishes, etc.

It’s about heart-felt connections, boundaries, respect, expressions of true art, joy, pleasure, curiosity, and playfulness.

We want you to get out of this workshop with a stronger sense of body awareness, a larger pallet of possible sensual expressions, clearer knowledge of your own boundaries and desires, and a positive and/or learning experience that you can even take on your own healing journey.

We were going to make a funny-faced little spanking promo video for this workshop on some music. But when Shadi sent me the ‘making off video’, full of our laughter and joy while we were creating this… I felt, YES. This is what I want you to see! I want you to be able to see our process, rather than the result of it.

When we bring the shadow into the light. Phew! So much innocence in the sexual energy comes to show, even in such a ‘dark’ topic to explore and that’s also the transmission I would like you to get from the workshop.

I hope you have as much fun watching this video, as we had creating it.

Respectful greetings,


for more information on the event :

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