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Dear people, Listen up!

What I'm about to share is quite unique...

I've shared my experience and opinion on porn some weeks ago on Compass to Connection. The clue is that I wouldn't recommend anyone watching it for healthy sex life.

But I do get why people are so drawn to erotic videos.

We want to get inspired. We want education. We want examples. We want to be introduced to new concepts. We want guidance into satisfaction. We want a smooth road to climax. We want to imagine ourselves in new possibilities. We want to release stress and tension. We want to get distracted from pain or discomfort. Or other things along those lines...

But while these are understandable intentions to start watching porn, many won't receive healthy answers to their requests (let alone the deeper quest underneath) in the mainstream offers online, or they are only short-lived, not translatable to real-life situations, etc.

Workshops, books, therapy, teachings, experimenting in experiences with yourself or other humans could create more satisfying results to your needs... but

There is something enjoyable, less scary, comfortable, and juicy about watching erotic video's from the safe place of your home.

I hear you. I get it.

A more healthy variant is the online EROTICA film festival that is about to start TOMORROW.

They focus on a creative angle, with not only just random s.x but on consensual (!) and authentic expressions of love, relationships, and s.xuality as a holistic concept.

Genius! Wholesome. Juicy! Ethical. Evocative! Yummy

Actual nourishing food for all or chakras and visual senses.


This text was part of a promotion for an online festival. Credits to Ilsa Fay for the video and creation of this festival.

Artist to the drawing unknown

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