Yesterday I did an exercise where I had 15 minutes to draw what my soul was longing for/ dreaming of...

Without much thinking, this came out...

I'm desiring to spend time with a soulmate, twin flame or longer-term life-inspiring partner.

Reflecting on it I was a bit struck that this was the first thing that came up to draw because I have so many beautiful goals in my life about travelling, business, creativity, health, friendship, living, and so on. I'm pretty ambitious on many terms in life. I'm also quite enjoying the freedom of a single life atm and the last few weeks I didn't put much energy or focus on dating.

I realised this was the difference between the soul and the mind/heart/body desiring something!

I can feel so much passion (heart), motivation (brain) or urge (body) in all my life goals and I know that I can reach all of them if I want it and put the work in optimizing my belief system and taking action.

The only thing in life it seems that is impossible to control is love. There is no such thing as working or taking action in meeting that soulmate. Yeah, I can make an effort in going to interesting places or events that increase the possibility of meeting that person, though I have no control over the other attendants. Nevertheless, I believe a soulmate is not found and he/she is recognized.

It can be either the brain ('this person would fit really well in my life...), the heart ('waw, this person moves my emotions ') or the body ('Urghh... this person is so attractive to me') talking to the loudest and taking over for a short period of time. Sometimes it's a combination of 2 or 3 elements.

But my soul is not satisfied with this, it craves more. Something impossible to describe, yet so clear to me. Something that makes the brain, heart or body forgets it's expectations of a certain desire?

It seems like the only thing I can do in this case is to TRUST because when the soul is ready, the 'mate' will appear. There is only surrendering possible in this case.

I'm not so good at that.


I would love to give more space in my life to this trust and surrendering for my soul to develop.

Rebalance mind-body-heart-SOUL!

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