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I've set the intention to fall in love every day with a human being.

Just for the purpose to practice living with an open heart. I so easily fall in love with people, but it’s scary to lean into it even deeper. Admitting to it. I'm a serial, multitude, and multidimensional lover. I don't discriminate my love to gender, looks, age, or any of the mind. I just feel love when it IS.

(do not use picture without consent)

I do know, I can learn to sink deeper into it. I even desire it!

But then I’m afraid to be judged for how easily I fall in love. As if the plurality of it makes it less true or special? Can there be really a limit on love? Because I want to keep falling in love with :

  • myself -first of all!

  • my lover whose so unconditional in his partnership with me

  • my friends who keep inspiring me

  • my cliënts who keep showing up as muses to their own and my process

  • my teachers who are so patient with me

  • my family for being mirrors

  • but also that character of the series I’m addicted to

  • the woman who shows courage in the course I’m following

  • the mother and the child who I see lovingly interacting with each other in the park

  • the shopping guy who grabbed for the second time this week something I couldn’t reach

  • the person who smiled at me on the street - also without a mask so we can see us doing that

  • And so many more, but you get the jest.

I want to fall in love with all of them (And I might tell you or I might not) But not in a way that necessarily requires persuing : ⇝ romantic relationship ⇝ Sexual contact ⇝ Time together ⇝ A future ⇝ Or even conversation

Just the 'My heart opens for you' kinda love The 'I just want to fall in love', 'be in love', 'feel the love' 'For love' and 'as love' kind of love

The most powerful and rebellious thing I can do now in this world I believe!

From a warm place in my heart, Minne

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