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I noticed how everytime in the past weeks I would walk into our living room kitchen and my nose instinctively started sniffing. What was I smelling everytime that it catched my attention so strongly and intensely that it would give me a break from all the thoughts in my head?

Lovely juicy nectarines.

I visually love its shape and colours, the feeling of the skin, the taste and texture in my mouth… but most of all I love the smell! And this season as it triggers my senses it leaves me feeling blessed.

(do not use pictures without consent)

What attracts me so much about them?

Being with just one of my senses, the smell; of something that is so comforting to me, is bringing me into my body (and out of my thoughts). It’s making me smile and feel joyful. It awakens a sensuality in me. I feel more awake. Alive even! While slowing down. Draws me into presence and mindfulness. It makes me want to take deep breaths. They fruit my 'gratitude'.

When I can keep all my attention to such simple things and those sensations in my daily awareness of what feeds my soul and heart, it awakens my body and life energy. When I can do it without having the mind (or trauma) interfering with judgements, concepts, or a plan to it, and I’m just able to stay in the present moment... then I go back to my true nature.


‘In no sense’... meaning I’m observing life without trying to make sense of it. There is a purity in how I can experience the quality of life at those moments. And that’s also how I would describe Eros in my body.

Nectarine fragranced hug,


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