Dear followers, I might get banned on Facebook after this post by using the first word of this title!

I feel like we are moving into a new age of sexual revolution! A period where people are healing their ancestral sexual trauma, question tradition, find their own sexual identity and a larger group of people exploring conscious intimacy.

I LOVE being part of this movement! But there is still a long way to go!

One of the major things to overcome is SHAME & TABOO. I strongly believe taking sexuality out of the shadow, will help us battle toxic, dangerous and unhealthy sexual behaviour. Learning about sexuality is beneficial for our mental health (life energy) and it teaches us about consent!

Women's nipples during breastfeeding and even the small statue of a naked woman during the stone age, Venus of Willendorf get banned from Facebook for a while now... but they are taking it to the next level.

Facebook is changing its policy now not making a distinction anymore between sexual exploitation but also removing consensual talk and services between adults.

You can read more about it on:…/facebooks-new-sexual-soliciation-policy

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