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Are you looking to improve your connection with

playfullness  /  curiosity  /   freedom  /   integrity / pleasure /   inclusivity  /   essence  /   clarity  

purpose / ...

or curious how any of the above can bring you closer to your core?

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Bringing back
for a life & intimacy
in essence

I can help you
"We can all learn to grow closer to:
Ourselves, Others & Nature"

The Posibilities

Tune into your inner compass 
Let's meet
(for free)
Dive deep
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An Impression

Minne Marlo
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Finding a deeper connection through conscious intimacy

What if all is innocent?  What if you can experience intimacy, sexuality, relationships, work, and family from a sense of pure innocence, but with the integrity of a conscious adult? What shift would this bring in your life? 

My deepest heart desire is to serve the world by guiding people to the essence of their bodies, heart, mind, and soul. I want to listen with compassion how your relationships s are going and find out if we can bring more pleasure and curiosity in your intimate life. Ultimately I want to explore together with you, your connection with Nature, the Universe, or a 'God'. In how much of your inner peace can you rely on to your 'trust'?

Let's find out how we can make all of these elements work together, so we can live wholehearted and purposeful.


"Minne helped me to open my heart and mind to the world of sexual identity and true connection. She not only teaches but truly lives by her values, is honest in every encounter and present in every moment. The energy that Minne has to share will make you feel comfortable being yourself, perfectly confident in showing yourself to the world, and appreciate yourself and others in the valuable moment that is the here and now. Her coaching led me into a new state of self-perception and introduced me to the art of conscious awareness. I can’t wait to see her shine in future projects and hope to see her beautiful touch the lives of many others."

Birthe - Germany

Get in touch for more information or bookings
Phone: 0032 456 08 07 31
Location: Online or Zwijndrecht (near Antwerp), Belgium

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