Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This video is for MEN (and those who feel called) to let you know IT IS POSSIBLE to create SEXUAL PLAY and explorations with women, without starting a ‘traditional’ relationship.

Very often I hear (mostly) men saying in my sessions they want to connect with women, explore their sexuality, and find ways to express their desires.

But they don’t want to settle in a relationship, or they are already in a primary relationship with someone else, they don’t want to commit to something long term, for different reasons. And that’s totally okay. It’s also totally okay if others want that for themselves (often women tell me this in my sessions).

They tell me they can't find women who are up for that.

So how can we allow more union in the exploration of sexuality to happen between 2 (or more) people, without discarding our deeper longings completely and hurting or disappointing each other in the process?

Drop the expectations, make them agreements instead. Stay in the present moment, instead of 10 steps ahead in your head. Stop trying to read minds, be clear and open in your communication.

This helps.

Also knowing that those in the feminine energy (can be any gender) want to be met in the heart, to make it possible and safe for them to drop to the sexual energy center. The opposite is for those in masculine energy. They need the sexual energy to allow their hearts to join the party.

So, now, if you’re a man (in your masculine energy) and you want to meet a woman (in her feminine energy) to experience mutual sexual play with you, you’ll have to find a way to connect with your heart first by yourself!

This way you can meet a woman, from your heart energy, with love and openness. She will feel seen and met and if she’s as conscious as you, she will be able to create and allow the connection between her heart and sex to happen very quickly as well.

If you then both connect with no expectations, stay in the present moment, and have clear communication… magic can and will happen!

But it requires, self-awareness, responsibility, ownership of your desires and needs, and COURAGE to speak up!

My conclusion is, as an answer to a question I often get: Step 1: start to connect your own heart and sexuality with each other Step 2: communicate authentically and brave Step 3: enjoy!

I go into it a little bit deeper in the video. But I realize I wasn’t perhaps very clear or nuanced, as it was just a sharing from my heart… please forgive me! I’m still not used to using video as my sharing medium, but I want to include it here anyway, as you might still get a deeper sense of what I’m saying by the way HOW I share my examples.

So some extra nuance to the video:

-All of this is not really gender-related, these examples of mine happen to be straight-connections with more masculine energy in the man and feminine energy in me. But it can really take all forms and shapes, really. And the point of what I’m trying to say in creating a sexual union between 2 people, requires in this case also a union of the feminine and masculine balanced within every person. -I didn’t break lockdown-regulations (yet ‘;)). All my explorations and meetings were online through video, voice, and message. Yet, so powerful! Thanks to the inner-net! :D -The example in my video about the person in a relationship is in consent with his partner about exploring sexually outside the relationship. -I mention beautiful ladies of pleasure, who do this as a job, in my video. I notice that a lot of men who come to me with this question of ‘how to meet a sexually open woman’, feel resistance to call up a sex worker for their longings. Perhaps, because they feel a longing for more than just the physical sexual aspect that they are expecting to get from a sex worker. (Which I know is not necessarily true, as I’m sure some of them will also be able to touch your heart by making you feel seen and heard.) But, to get that from someone, either it is, a sex worker, a woman you just met, or a beloved… you first have to KNOW, realize, admit, and COMMUNICATE this to the person you are relating with what you want. So when the connection between the sex-center and the heart-center is not there, it’s hard to know even for yourself what you’re lacking and what you need within this sexual exploration to feel satisfied and attract what really fulfills you. So, absolutely no disrespect to sex workers meant with this comment. You do valuable work!

I'm happy to answer questions in the comments about this if you have any!

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