Pretty face

Last week I did an amazing photoshoot with Potvliege Photography. 🙏

It was such an amazing process in self-love to go out of my comfort zone and allow an unknown man, though professional, to take rather intimate pictures of me.

Sunday I saw the results of the shoot and I was completely blown away and touched deeply. I couldn't believe how beautiful these pictures were and how stunning I found myself on every one of them.

On my way home my parents called me on the phone and I shared this vulnerable experience with them and how I thought of the result.

Their response was this: "Of course they will be beautiful sweetie, we already saw what a beautiful face you have in pictures. Your body is the only pity, don't you think so?"


Before this happened, when I saw this picture, I was so happy to see I didn't suck in my belly. I didn't do it during the whole shoot!

I allowed myself to be. To be me. With the weight I have today.

I was proud I didn't hide or postponed until I was on a more desirable weight to fit into societies norms.

I must admit, the comment of my parents made me stumble. The words have been on repeat in my head since Sunday.

But Mom, Dad, No, I don't think my body is a pity. I think I'm a fucking Goddess and I'm here to shine my light.


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