This has come up so many lately that I've been giving myself an extra reflection. How am I doing with masturbation? 👀

To be really honest and vulnerable with you. Not great really... I've never had a large interest in it and it was hard for me to come to an orgasm with myself. Not that I never do it or never enjoyed, but I do realize there is an enormous space for growth and expansion here.

I consider myself as fairly hypersexual and I'm single so it's funny that this isn't a bigger part of my sex life! When I talk about it I don't feel a direct fear, judgment or discomfort about it. I even recommend to other people doing it in some of my coachings. But if I look deeper in myself I realize that there is still much shame around masturbation imprinted in me, that has been there since how long I can remember.

👽 It's dirty to touch myself 👽 Something to hide 👽 I don't deserve the pleasure 👽 My own body can't be arousing 👽 Sexual pleasure is only accepted when it's shared etc.

Very limiting beliefs that don't give self-pleasure a chance in my life to be explored. Beliefs that don't longer serve me and that if I closely look at them I don't even believe in anymore. Still, if it stayed unconscious, I was carrying the effects with me. And the result would be by only rarely self-pleasuring: not enjoying it's benefits, not getting to know and love my own body better to an expanded extent, missing out on a lot of tension release and pleasure.

I call that it's time to do something out this. So I just came up with the idea of making a self-pleasure marathon for 30 days. So I will masturbate at least once a day, starting tomorrow. No expectations of reaching orgasm or other goals. My only intention is to enjoy my body and the sexual energy by giving it some loving attention.

As with any marathon, it feels nice to have some supporters running along with you. So if you feel like you could benefit from this too, let me know! I will be posting some of my learnings and experiences in the 'Compass to Connection Community' group. Could be cool to exchange advice, especially with other ladies.

Wish you already a happy touching time!

by Potvliege Photography

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