I'm looking for a man I met on a flixbus at the 21st of november 2017. We sat next to each other for the whole night and talked about life and love! Instant beautiful connection.

He said he came from Nuremberg (Germany) or close and could even host me there during one of my travels.

He wrote my name in a memo on his phone to find me on fb later, but it must have been lost or his phone got stolen or something... there was to much of articles, researches, events, he wanted to share with me... So I don't think it was just a disintrest of not adding me later. I don't believe that. :) You can call me naive, but let's find out!

So what I know about this guy: -German, handsome, tall and a few cm long darkbrown hair, in his early forties. -He took the bus from Milan (for short holiday) to Munchen (went to a spiritual event there before going home). -He had a very german name, but I was really tired and after having this great connection I didn't dare to ask his name for the 10 th time, but I think it was something with fred or fried in it? - he works in a refugeecenter for underaged boys close or in Nuremberg, as something like a creative therapist - he likes tea more than coffee - he has no children

So, I hope he reads this message himself or if you think you know this man, please reach out to him to so he can contact me! I would love to continue that talk with him. :)

Thank you for your help! ❤

A foto of me in Italy, taken the day we met!

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