Compass quotes #16

“I was going through a dark time and at the same time my partner was also going through some crisis. So we were both not in the best place. She decided at that time, that she wanted to go for children, something she has always wanted. I didn’t have a lot of compassion for her, the way I dealt with it was really bad. The way I took it was: ‘Okay, you want me to provide this for you and I’m going through all this shit.’ But I didn’t separate the fact that this was her need at that moment and that it was a beautiful need. Now I really respect it and I think it’s one of the most amazing things, that a woman knows that she wants to have children and that's what she wants to do. I regret that I didn’t have that awareness at that time. And the compassion for myself has grown too. I have never been in this situation before and I can see it more clearly now. I understand now and I forgive myself, this is self-love and it’s so human.”

Compass: Belgium Connected with: India, South-Africa, London & Brussels. Doesn't believe in borders.

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