First 'Naked Womencirlce'

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Yesterday I hosted the first 'Naked Womencircle'.

When I was in 'flow' during my workation in France in January, I suddenly came up with the idea to have a bunch of naked women together, no masks, supporting each other. It came in, like a vision... Like a quest I had to bring to the world, without having much to say about it. So, one hour later the event was online and people started signing up.

I didn't know exactly what I was going to offer or how it would unfold. I felt a bit nervous, but I also felt guided.

We came together with 10 beautiful inspiring womxn. What I witnessed in each one of them: 1. support 2. truth 3. growth 4. inclusivity 5. braveness 6. vulnerability 7. willpower 8. love 9. healing 10. beauty

One of the responses at the end was: "It feels natural being all naked together, I'm even more comfortable now then with my clothes on at the start."

What I also noticed was how much need there is for spaces like this! And I felt injected by energy and enthusiasm for offering more. So stay tuned!

Small extra note: We need spaces where women feel safe and at ease to express themselves and grow together. But we also need inclusive spaces to make sure we don't leave out people with different bodies who identify as women and those with female bodies but who may not resonate with that. YOU are WELCOME to join this circle too. <3

Extra small note: If you are a cis- or other but identifying as man and after reading this, you feel that you need spaces like this too... (Cause we are all human.) Check the comments and please men share where they can find you.

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