Deeply connected

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

When I feel deeply connected with my heart and beyond

I am changing as a human, leaving behind the constructs that have bound me. I no longer fit into the mould of the cultural status quo, I feel more aligned to my unique soul design.

I express myself creatively as I am on fire and I am connected to my deeper soul desires. My world becomes an inspirational stream of creative and collective dreams. I live a life of passion and purpose, knowing that my imagination and innocence is one of the greatest gifts for creating the highest potential for my life.

I slip into an abundance stream of creation, I trust that there is always enough, love, food or wealth. I love my body as the temple of my soul and can heal aches in my body at least three times faster than before.

I honour my sexuality as sacred and know how to cultivate this force for awakening and healing. I’m sexually sovereign and claim my sexuality as my own. I no longer need a partner or lover to complete me, yet I share intimately and deeply from an overflowing place in my heart and from this place of giving I bond deeply. I embrace my soft, sensuous nature and move with grace out of my hiding place and allow my juicy feminine essence to be seen.

I hold space for my fears and boundaries, so I can tap into my own sense of safety within and protect what I hold dearly.

I claim pleasure as my own responsibility. I am omni orgasmic and have full body energy orgasms. Like when I feel the breeze on my skin during my forest walk or smell the flowers of spring opening up for all its potential. I am playful as a child and wise as the ancient mother that guides my life.

I have regular bursts of spontaneous expression, like squeaking sounds of excitement when I feel a strong YES like for singing and dancing under the stars or dreaming about the future. I live in gratitude and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me and the endless possibilities that life offers me.

I’ve developed my emotional intelligence with compassion, so when emotions arise I don’t collapse or suppress, but surrender to their expression and form for it to be released and seen.

All of me is welcome.

I’m in touch with my wild woman, courageous, untamed and free. Slowly I become more luminous, limitless, fearless and even more free.

I know love is my true power and it is cultivated in my heart as its source. When I doubt, become insecure, compare or judge I return to its wisdom.

I don’t compromise myself to be liked. I love and accept myself as I am. With all my intensity and weirdness. I never call myself ‘too much’ or apologize for my truth.

My deepest purpose is devotion, of love and service to Nature and humanKind.

I follow my inner authority. I’m a powerful co-creator, collaborator, team player. I realise the only way forward in global awakening, is together and I build on that from trust in those who I relate with and I experience an abundance of resources for this. There is no such thing as competition in awakening.

I am guided by my intuition, my body knows how to lead the way. My mind collaborates as a peaceful advisor from time to time.

I live in balance with my masculine and feminine polarities within myself. I love and include all beings, no matter their gender or expression.

I can also admit, that I’m not always this much in touch with myself for all the time being. I respect it’s a journey and not the end goal. Every moment, every day that I embody this vision, I celebrate my connection with the divine that’s calling me to be here. And all the other moments when I don’t feel that way, I’m learning to understand I’m still whole.

See you on the path


(I was inspired by words of Leyola Hantara.)

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