CONFUSED BEING A WOMAN... but not really

I feel so passionate about Compass to Connection and making an impact with this project to inspire a lot of people deeply on the awareness of intimacy. When I book success in this I feel like I'm creating from a flow, from surrendering into it and sharing from softness and vulnerability. All feminine qualities.

Though what I hear all the time is: you need to have a business plan, you need to have a strategy and planning, you need to financially sustain yourself and preferably also have the knowledge about different income streams, and all the marketing, IT, ...etc. All more masculine qualities.

I must say, I've been learning a lot about entrepreneurship the last year and I'm very grateful for the new skills and knowledge I gained. BUT, apart from the coaching & writing that's totally not my passion. I'm doing it though BECAUSE I need to financially provide for me. It makes me tired.

What I talk less about is that I do have another passion not being used to its possibility. I love to care! One of my big dreams is to settle down somewhere (yes, I want to stop nomading one day) and create a home and community around it! I want live in nature, with kids running around and a fireplace. With a partner that I love and a couple of international volunteers or travellers to cook for...

If I tell this first dream to people, of creating this business they are enthusiast, but often sceptical. They'd question my abilities and all the attention goes to asking financial numbers and results. In order for me to fall into expectations, I have to push myself really hard. Being HARD mostly to myself...

When I tell people my second dream, they can't believe it. "Common Minne, you can do so much more in this world than staying at home with your kids and cook. I thought you were a feminist and an empowered woman?"

If I tell people I want both, they call me completely crazy. In my head, it doesn't look so weird at all. I just get an amazing therapy/group room and some guestrooms in the backyard to bring my value as an expert in intimacy and invite other inspiring conscious (travelling) people to bring their value and help out. Or I'll be able to tour every few months with my programm idk.

Why not do it?

I do have a healthy portion of self-love sorted. Yeah. But for both dreams reaching its full potential from a place of happiness I don't want to do this alone.

I would love to have a man in my life, who LOVES to provide and protect me while creating an environment for him to also allow his soft side to show. I'd be so happy to give love and care back, without losing my professional value.

I'm not needy for wanting this. I'm not asking too much. I deserve to receive. I'm worthy.

Thank you Teal Swan for showing it to me so clearly through your video.

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