Compass quotes #6

“She was trying for so long and she couldn't get pregnant. For 3 or 4 times she thought she was pregnant but she wasn't. So this last time she hid it from her husband and she borrowed the money from me and I bought the exam. I was the first person to know the result, because during my lunchtime I went to collect the exam in the laboratory. The girl said, 'Oh congratulations', and I had to say 'it's not mine'! I bought a baby-bodysuit and I brought this to her with the examresults. She was so scared when she realized, she was pregnant. I stayed with her all the time those months. I watched the surgery when my nephew was born and I was the first person to see him. This moment with my nephew, it's the only real unconditional love I experienced by now.”

Compass: Lisbon, Portugal Connected with: Brasil and Ireland

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