Compass quotes #17

“It’s different in every culture, a Bulgarian friend claims that they are hugging here a lot. Which seems to be somehow true! In Belgium it is certainly less, people are much more closed. I’m feeling better in a society where people physically express love as a common thing and don’t find it weird to give each other a hug. So this country fits better for me, I need hugs on a regular basis. It’s not a necessity to feel good, but it certainly helps a lot. I don’t know where the need is coming from, I’m not great in understanding my feelings.

But there is probably a scientific reason for it, like my brain doesn't have enough oxytocins. So that’s when I would say: “Let’s go have some extra oxytocins!” I saw an interesting TED talk on this once, by a man who calls himself ‘doctor Love’. The first sign of a not a super scientific TED talk. Haha! ”

Compass: Bansko, Bulgaria Connected with: Belgium & Bulgaria

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