Compass quotes #7

"I'm still alive so I don't it know yet, but for eternal love or real love... I think it should last forever and 'forever' only exists when you pass away. If you're not at the end of your life already, you can't tell for sure that what you feel for the one next you, is your real love. That's my opinion. So real love is unconditional and it also comes with a timeline. It means that the person will be there for you until the last day of your life. If the love only lasts for a few days in your life or if it just happened in your past, I don't call that real love.

It's a little bit tricky to say if I experienced it already because I'm still alive and with my definition I can't tell you yet. If I die tomorrow and the one that I love is still next to me today, then yes I can count that real love. It should last forever."

Compass: Bélem, Portugal Connected with: Singapore and Malaysia

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