Compass quotes #13

"I grew up in a very challenged family. My father was not a father, he was barely there. And when he was there, he was drunk and aggressive. Or he became aggressive because he wanted to get drunk, but there was no money for alcohol. So at the time, I didn’t realise that my mother, was actually trying to help. My mother was my mother and my father at the same time. I was very young when I moved out of the house. It was because I had to, and I wanted to, because I didn’t want to live there anymore. It was too complicated. Even though my mother had separated with my father for years. We just didn’t connect at the time. Maybe because she was trying to force it, I don’t know. When I moved out, and we had some distance… that’s when I realized how much she meant to me and what she did for me. I saw that a little bit too late. Now I’m thankful for her to take care of me and my brother and I tell her that."

Compass: Ghent, Belgium Connected with: Belgium

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