Compass quotes #4

"I grew up in an interesting family, because I think in the day and age that we live in, there are a lot of broken relationships and a lot of divorces. I grew up in a family with two grandparents, that are almost unbelievable. They were together for sixty years and they were as 'one' as you can possibly imagine. So I think growing up, without even realizing it subconsciously I always thought that the only relationship I'd ever have, is I'd find a girl one day and immediately she would be the perfect girl or we would get married. We would just be like that forever... I was closing myself off to a lot of beautiful possibilities. I was always just looking for the perfect person that I wanted to marry tomorrow...

The last two years I had short-term relationships and those have been really interesting. One of the girls that I met during that time, she challenged me. I really liked her, but I also knew that she had different views and she didn't want a long term relationship. Yeah, I've be thinking about that and so she changed my mind a little bit. I realize now that what I need to do for me personally to be as happy as possible, is to follow my heart and follow it to the end. Whatever end that comes to, even if it's only spending a month with someone."

Compass: Lisbon, Portugal Connected with: Canada

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