Bi(sexual)-Visibility day today!


I, for example, never assume someone to be either straight or gay.


No, I'm not confused. No, I'm not being greedy. No, I don't need to make a choice. (Even when I choose to be with a partner, like in any relationship, it doesn't change the fact I'm still bi.) Yes, I do sometimes have a gender preference for dating, but it fluctuates on the people I meet. No, I probably don't want to have a threesome with you. 😂

Never felt the need to hide my orientation, but never felt the need to publicly out myself either.

Guess I now do feel a desire to spread awareness that bisexuality does exists even though it's hardly visible by often being boxed in either gay or straight category! I had also wished to have more bi-sexual role models growing up. So if I can inspire even just one of you into feeling completely okay with it, I'm happy.

Recent studies even concluded that being 100% straight is not possible. Which absolutely makes sense to me. How else is self-love possible if we don't love our own gender? 😏🙆

If you're curious to learn more about this gender-rebellious side of mine (and if you haven't read it yet) go to my page to read my post from yesterday on non-gender-intimacy.



Pic off course again from the wonderful Potvliege Photography

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