2017 was the year everything started for Compass to Connection, from personal interest, with the intention to do research and share my learnings.

2018 it became clear, I have a message people are interested to hear and I have the power to facilitate sexual growth. I want to spend more of my time to Compass to Connection and make it my profession. I start doing workshops, coaching and bodywork all over Europe.

2019 I will create a home base for myself and C2C in Ghent that will allow me to become known in Belgium as an Intimacy Educator. I will inspire many more people with my work and GROWTH in all forms will arise for my clients, me and Compass to Connection.

2020 - Just an intention: Touring internationally as an educator in retreats, courses, festivals, ...

If you want to make sure you don't miss out: I have 2 events ready for you Dutch speakers! 26/1: Workshop: de helende energie van ons seksuele brein.@Mechelen Studio Stil 3-5/5: Weekend Bewust Connecteren with SoF Travel

And 2 international plans (in English); 16-17 February I'm (co-)hosting a Valentine's party for Digital Nomads with Nomad Soulmates and a few workshops in Bansko, Bulgaria.

This summer I'll also organise a retreat in Bulgaria with different co-experts on the exploration of sexuality through arts! More info on this is coming soon.

And of course, you could also contact me for private coaching, cuddling or massages through www.compasstoconnection.com


Lots of love and satisfying intimacy to you this year! 😘

x Minne

Picture by Potvliege Photography

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