Trust & Travels

Hmm... when 'bad luck' (my flight got cancelled yesterday due to strikes was one of the things) and change of plans can lead to new adventures and more appreciation for the beautiful nature you're surrounded with... The new, kind souls I meet on my changed route...


And yes, I still panic sometimes when I feel everything is going wrong and I'm tired and I'm getting 3 times bad news in a few hours. Monday was maybe not my day.

First I was frustrated, then I felt angry. It was quickly followed by 10 minutes of crying. Tears running down my cheecks that I couldn't hold back. I felt so powerless in the situation and that had so much influence on my agenda, travel expenses, job, ...

But what could I do? For a moment I felt like I was being punished. But I don't believe the Universe wants to punish us. It just shows us the lessons we need to learn. The Universe always wants the best for us.

I just needed to trust again, that everything would exactly happen the way how it needs to be. I did. I fully surendered to the situation.

The moment I stepped into that trust, everything started to change for me again. In my favor!

- I had to stay one day longer in Belgium, and because of this the creative camp from the University I gave a workshop with tuesday decided to hire me another day! Yay 😊 - I didn't take a cancelation insurance on my flight ticket and the website stated they don't pay back for any reasons also not strikes. I decided to book a new ticket for friday, which was 100 euro more than the one I already had. -Then I get the news that Wizzair already made a new flight available to compensate the travellers to the next day (today), no extra cost! -This means I will be back in time for all the events I'm hosting and I don't have to cancel anything. -I again didn't take a cancellation service on the new ticket I bought for friday, but my booking magically disappeared and my card was not charged for it. Thank god for my panic-status that didn't notice the booking didn't work out at that moment. -The shuttle service from the airport to Bansko couldn't get me a seat for today, but against their policy, they paid me back! -I decided to hitchhike and got rides with super nice ladies and actually made some new friends and contacts and they promised me to come to the Valentine's Party!

So I arrived earlier, and more comfortable in Bansko than anything else would have!!

Trust, trust, trust!!!!! This time I kept myself in a panic mode for 1 hour. It's okay you know, to feel dissapointed, angry, sad.... But you really decide how long you keep yourself in that emotion and that kind of stress. In the past I used to be stuck in a bad mood for a reaaaallyy long time. But that's not how you attract better things... 😊

Practice it, during the hard times. Feel it, Relax, Accept, Let go, Attract! ❤

See you at Valentine's Party in Bansko (Bulgaria)

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