Updated: Apr 28, 2020

HONESTLY I'm tired of answering the question of 'How are you doing Minne?' with: "very busy with work but ... (usually good)".

I'm just f*cking tired of hearing myself say that.

As if busy equals 'being of good value to society and by that being a successful human'. But being super busy often brings tension into my mind and body, it releases stress hormones that are not so healthy and fun. It makes me not give as much of priority to my body and the earth as it deserves. (LOL, even right now, writing this post, I noticed already for 10 minutes I needed to pee urgently... But I was just pushing to finish this text instead of just listening to the signals and wisdom of my body.)

So I want to change something about that. I want to change HOW I'm doing things. Because WHAT I do withing Compass to Connection, I adore and I feel is very aligned with what I want to create in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on my personal profile (*) that I was looking for places in nature to meditate a few days, I was also open for retreats that would bring me relaxation or growth, ... because I very much needed this break and holiday. I got a couple of cool offers and options, but I eventually decided to stay home.

I lived and travelled abroad for almost 6 years trying to search for what I've found here, in Ghent, close to my birthplace... A sense of freedom in belonging and stability.

So now, when I was ready to go on my next endeavour, I questioned myself: "What am I REALLY trying to search for abroad with meditating on a mountain?". The answer is peace, an empty mind, silence, a deeper connection with my body and more alignment of my daily tasks to my purpose.

The next question I asked myself is: "Why am I not experiencing this here, right NOW?". Excuse or not, but I came up with the answer of having such a long to-do list and so many ideas that I can't follow up on because I often feel like I'm just catching up with necessities... Often having so many clients in a day, there is not much space for doing much more. It feels like for too long time, I don't create enough space for me, to just be me, because there is this lingering tension of responsibilities (and a desire to help as many clients as I can and make a global impact) that I need to keep up with which almost consumes my week 7/7, 24h a day.

Sitting in meditation or dancing is a beautiful place, will give me the recharge of a couple of days rest. BUT when I would come home, the whole affair would start again. Because that to-do list didn't move and my mindset on planning my calendar so full of work didn't change.

So I've decided to take the very-much-adult, but the unpopular thing in the spiritual or conscious world to do. Take 10 days off from seeing clients (and earning money), to get my shit done and enjoy my stay home.

This week is fully booked with 1on1 sessions and Saturday I planned the Naakte Vrouwencirkel (Naked Womencirkel) for wich still 3 spots are open for brave women. With this cultivated womb energy in my space, I want to open my personal sacred RENEW retreat.

What I'm going to do to change my HOW?


- Take time to cook and nurture my body with good whole foods - Take all my medication/supplements in time for my Thyroid to heal, give it loving attention and listen to my body when it gets nauseous from those pills - Read books - Take a couple of extra sports sessions with my personal trainer - Do my meditation practice every day - Self-pleasure through conscious self-touch and breathing to bliss - Take an extra session with my coach - Get a relaxing massage - Receive a bodywork session - Meet with friends - Take walks

RENEW MY SPACE - clean my house of dust and dirt - re-evaluate things & clutter and get rid of it - clean the house energy

RENEW MY PURPOSE & BUSINESS - Get my mess of administration in order and structure - Finish my new & translated website - Launch my new offers and change the old ones (Can't wait to share this major shift coming! :D ) - Write (& share) - Filter and choose which new ideas & projects I want to prioritise

WHY? I'm of no one's value being burned-out... not my clients, not my own and not the planet.

I'm devoted to live and SERVE from my heart. This personal RENEW retreat is meant for recalibrating to this frequency. Because driven by LOVE and PASSION, I want to inspire people to live in the most authentic connection with Ourselves, Others and Nature.

Starting for myself again.

With love,


*(you're welcome to 'follow' me, I'm less of a fan of becoming friends...Minne Marlo)

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