The wounded Healer

The wounded healer is not someone who was wounded and is now healed.

It is someone who continues to courageously break open the self and ego as a means for deep integration.

Life energy doesn't take a break from running inside of you, it's forever present as we take a breath on this earth and beyond. We can choose to ignore it or to go along. But there comes a day that running from it is not an option anymore as you'll learn all paths essentially lead to the same initiation.

The calling of the heart. As much as I try sometimes to run from my process, every single day becomes a deeper invitation to the inevitable exploration that needs to happen. Like the Universe would send me a 'join my party' card every morning and if I don't RSVP immediately, it keeps calling me back to ask if I will attend later that day. So the contradiction speaks again. I feel like I didn't have a 'holiday' for years. And yet, life feels on many days like a celebration.

Love from Berlin Minne

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