The Rise of Minne Marlo

“Whisper to the flashing water your real name, write your signature in the sand, and shout your identity to the sky until it answers to you in thunder.” — Christopher John Farley

What is a ‘real name’? The one your parents gave you at birth? The nickname your friends gave you? A catchy stage-name? Or the name you feel-fits you best?

Since I was a child I felt resistance to the name Ine. Sometimes I felt even angry at my parents they gave me such a ‘boring’ name. I’m not an ‘Ine’, which is a typical, normal Flemish name. Acceptance came, but still no resonance with it...

When I got involved in a youth organisation 10 years ago the nickname Minne grew on me. Which I loved! Did you know Minne in old Germanic language means LOVE?

During my student years, everyone knew me as Minne, even my professors called me this and couldn’t find my name on the exam sheets! :)

Later when I started working for government institutions, I changed it back to my official name… I thought I needed it to be more professional.

Now I started with my own business, I feel my given name is limiting me professionally! I don’t identify with it, it doesn’t express who I am and due to the discussing the taboo topic of sexuality in public, I don’t like to involve my family name anymore as well. The desire to speak my truth is growing strongly though…

I’ll keep some family connection in the name through Marlo. The feminine line in our family: my mom and both of my grandmother's names start with MAR! I only figured this out after I chose the name. 😅

I’ve been playing with the idea for years now to change my name into something fun where my heart resonates with!

So, here I am.

The vibrant woman in me is ready to rise.

With love,

Minne Marlo

Picture by the amazing Jay Ngai Photography

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