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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

My client said today at the end of an intense session, that he noticed and felt a deep presence of love in me. I told him, that what he sees in me is just the reflection of the mirror presenting the love that he carries within himself.

A few hours later it was my turn for an intense session,

this time I was the one processing.

Cause if you bring the work to people, you regularly got to do the work yourself. Afterward, I felt depleted, still emotional, and needed integration time.

Even though I still had work that I planned to do, I decided I would allow myself to relax during this time… Cook some dinner, watch something sweet or funny, and fall asleep early. These are my personal coping-strategies for not making things harder when it’s hard.

(Do not use picture without consent.)

So, when I was preparing food, a song came into my head.

I started playing it, turned the repeat button on, and used it as a mantra for almost an hour.

After every ingredient, I put in the pan, I paused, stood still, and felt what was going on inside me.

All the motion.

All the silence.

With every wave.

Allowing it to be there.

With every couple of bites of my fresh meal, I continued the same ritual.

I felt Love growing.

Presence, being there.

Thanking every source of each ingredient for nurturing me in this process.

Reminding myself, to be my own mirror of love. And that it’s better than coping.

It’s actually HEALING.


“The power of love is here now

The power of now is here now

The power of you and me is here

To create magic on earth

Let the water wash away your tears

Let the fire burn away your fears

Let the wind blow into your life such faith and trust, oh

Let the earth hold you, take care of you and nurture you, oh"

(source : Alexia Chellun - The Power Is Here Now)

I hope this song may reflect love in you as well.



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