The mystery in connection

"A woman who walks in her purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her."

The good flow in my life in going on! I'm in Bilbao right now and I have the feeling I'm attracting the right people around me. Even with things not going exactly how I imagined it, the lesson follows quickly after the event. I'm feeling a lot of trust right now and much peace.

I can only say that this is my strongest emotion since I left Belgium.

Yesterday was quite an interesting day for me. I had my first day in spanish school. We are only with 2 in the class, me and a Palestin refugee. I'm learning fast and I hope to write something here in spanish next week. Is it wishful thinking or creation?!

I also met a woman from Paris, she was travelling for her last week before returning to her friends and family for a while. She had spend 1,5 year in Asia and had lots of interesting stories to share. Life really takes circles serious you know... :) I just left for my journey while she is returning!

Anyway we had some very nice conversations about spirituality, culture, devotion, celibacy and sexuality. We reflected together on the topic of 'Presence' and she thinks the essence of the book 'the power of the now' from eckhart tolle is that nature and sexuality brings us the easiest in the present moment. So, that was good brainfoodmaterial for Compass2connection-thoughts.

Later in the evening I met another interesting young woman, who is Polish, living in Denmark and travelling now like me for 3 months in Spain. Can you still follow? :) After 5 minutes of meeting her it was quite clear that we had a strong connection.

Connection is something mysterious no? I felt so strongly that it wasn't a coincidence that I had to meet her. She is the type of person that makes me feel understood. A true intimite and immidiate connection like this is still something rare for me.

Tonight I will bring these 2 women together and I'm excited to see how this new link can grow and how new magical conversations can start!

My compass is working guys!!

To complete for today, this picture was taken last sunday in las medulaz, the area of Ponferrada. A beautiful place of nature and history, that made me feel very humble, emotional and incredible grateful for this world and my life.


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