Summer is over. It was beautiful and inspiring!

It really is over... First few days of turning on the heater inside again. I’m kind like that for clients who are so brave to show up to work on their trauma and open themselves up in my space.

My first 2 months living and working in my new place in Ghent. Falling in love all over again with this city and finding some peace in not having to live out of a suitcase.

I’m grateful for all the beautiful new connections and co-creations that sprouted in July and August. It inspires me to continue offering a variety of interesting opportunities for you.

But time is going sooo fast. Did some universal update happen where time is actually going faster than a few years ago? Like for REAL? :p I’ve been wanting to write this post for 2 weeks now!

Now my life sounds more hectic than it really is. I also spend a lot of time having coffee-dates with cool people, dancing in my ballroom kitchen while cooking, folding my laundry and laying wide awake at night breaking my head on how we can overthrow the patriarchy and how I can help Pacha Mama. Of course. :)

Welcome to join me with one of these activities some time. Especially the laundry.

Or one of my next workshops! Let me structure them a bit for you.

What has the fall to bring?

I’m leaving tomorrow to assist in a training in ‘Blissful lovemaking’, but after that, I’m still available for the 2nd half of September for coaching sessions, de-armouring/ trauma release/ emotional bodywork, or tantric massage. I only have about 4 time-slots left for private sessions in September, so don’t wait too long if you’ve been wanting to book something.

If you haven’t attended my workshop ‘Our sexual brain’ yet, I strongly recommend you to participate in the 25th of September. It’s a proper introduction to the work I offer with plenty of information and exercises you can practice at home. I’ve hosted this workshop for over 20 times now and I must say, I still love the responses and it keeps getting better.

Then I will be unavailable to answer messages or take on appointments from 27 of September until 14 of October. I will be taking some days offline for dancing at Suntribe festival (BE) & visiting Stockholm (SE). Then I will be participating in a practitioner's training to expand my knowledge in ‘healing through pleasure’ in Sweden and I offer 4 hand tantra massages there with my dear friend Paula from Lust in Life! So if you’re located there or know someone who might be interested. Let me know for more information! Only 2 places are left available for this.

For cliënts who have already worked with me or have done some previous personal development work, there is a workshop on family constellations (in Dutch) on the 10th of October where we will address topics of sexuality and relationships. I work together with Jan De Vlieger for this.

The 15th of October we have a relaxation & trauma release workshop together with SoF Travel but then we go to the highlight of October 18-20 a weekend, where we connect with our bodies, our selflove and others in Weekend Bewust Connecteren. Only for those ready to dive deep and transform!

Last but not least 26 of October I host together with Piero Flor a cuddle-workshop/ playfight for the first time. The wild child in me is already looking forward to this.

Ciao loves! Going to continue with folding laundry now.

x Minne

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