My younger sister is on an airplane right now. Al by herself. Destination is South-Africa, 13.456 km from where I am. She will be there for 3 months, to grow as a teacher and a person.

I've been there as well and I travel by myself all the time. For her, it's the first time to do something like this. I can not tell in words how proud I am that she's exploring the world, that she's taking such a big step out of her comfort zone. I was always proud of her, of the person she is. There's nothing she can do or not do, that will make me love her less.

There is something though in the process, of her going abroad, that makes our connection stronger than it was ever before. To me travelling changed my life, my view on the world and it was the start of a bigger inner journey as well. I can already feel, in our changing connection that she's ready for a similar adventure.

I hope this is one of the first messages she will read when she arrives tomorrow morning!

Nele, my lovely sister, I wish you all the best in these next 3 months! I was never really great in expressing my warm emotions to you... I'm sorry about that. I hope with this stronger connection, we can start a positive evolution in our relationship.

The physical distance was almost never so big between us, but I've never felt closer.

My lesson I learned about this: deeper connections with family members can come unexpectedly if you're open for it.



***I need some time for my Photoshop skills, trying to remove the guy in between us! :D ***

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