Over the past 2 years, I've gained quite a lot of weight.

Doctors have figured out there is a problem with my Thyroid, which makes me grow bigger basically (and a few other symptoms). But I have figured out that everything in life comes with a lesson I need to learn or a message I need to hear.

I can see that the cause of my Thyroid failing to do its job, is related to trauma. Related to a pattern, expression, boundaries... Anyway, here you see the perfect example that even as a therapist specialised in trauma, it's not that easy to go through all layers of healing in 1, 2, 3. It takes time.

But also the effect of gaining weight is there to show me something, not only the cause. The growing fat surrounding my bones is a way of protecting myself. It's a way of keeping people away at a distance to keep myself safe. Not necessary anymore, as the danger is gone... - but try to tell my body and nervous system that! ;)

Can you relate to that?

Your coping-method might be to lose a lot of weight or maybe it is to feel super insecure about your body because your mind tricks you in comparing all the time, or you might be covering yourself up with clothes that draw the least attention etc.

We can't take off our skins and we can't change others. But we can take of our clothes and our prejudices. So we can learn to love our bodies. Right here, right now.

Because if there is one thing I can already take as a lesson from my situation of gaining weight, is that this is an incredible lesson in learning to love my body. Accept it for what it is, at every single moment, while I try to constructively work on the cause instead of chasing the symptoms with diets that don't work.

But when they say: "Learn to love and accept your body!", I didn't realise that I need to go through that learning curve every single time I grow out of my clothes. So for now, I think I'm starting to be pretty good at it. 👌

That's why I invite ladies, who struggle with their body image, to come and join me at Naakte Vrouwencirkel on Saturday, to take off our clothes and to become comfortable with our bodies, no need to hide. A couple of places still available. <3

If this topic touches you, I wrote something else about it a couple of months ago before my diagnose.

Much love, Minne

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