Q&A: the Universe and me about Corona-virus

Did you found the answer already on why this corona-virus is happening on an all-around scientific and spiritual level? Do you have the answer to what’s the best way to move forward from this global change and solutions to heal the planet, including its humans?

I don’t.

Honestly, I don’t have any answers to these questions.

I read and hear a lot of them from people who think they found them (even though much is getting censored). But the answers can’t be further apart from each other.

If you’re one of those people that feel who knows the truth… What does it change for you to have those answers? Did it make you calmer? Does it give you hope? Do your relationships grow stronger with those around you? Is it your reality? Does that answer resonate with your soul?

Every time I try to tune in, into what answer and polarity I resonate with most (vaccines and regulations vs. it's all a conspiracy theory to control us, to put it black and white)... I don’t find peace in any of them. I do find truth in all, but also in none. It just confuses me and makes me feel fearful, to be honest. It makes me feel divided, just like it makes groups of people be more divided and the separation creates conflict and chaos.

I don’t want to let different answers tear us apart, on questions that are the same for all us.

We need change and we need to do something. YES. But not like that. Fighting the virus, the government, those with the opposite opinions, ourselves, …

Just know that fighting is a primal survival response.

But we do not only have to SURVIVE through this pandemic but also to LIVE through it.

If I don’t have the answers, then why am I talking about this? Well, because I do find a lot of value in ASKING QUESTIONS.

If you want answers: start asking questions without the attachment of receiving an immediate answer. Answers will come if you keep asking the right questions.

And until then, learn to be in the unknown! To embrace the unknown, find peace and hope in the unknown, make love with the great mystery.

Question your need for answers. Question why you need to be right. Question your concept of ‘truth’.

That’s where I eventually find my answers.

And when I’m in the unknown, I (try to) allow myself to be guided by my inner core: 'love’, not the fear that any of the answers (in all directions) I’ve seen yet, is creating. And I don’t want to shame ‘fear’ with a bubble of ‘positive-vibes only’. It’s not about that. It’s about rebalancing the global scale of massive fear, with the amount of love that we can tap into when we’re not in our survival-fear-fighting mode. We have to support each other in that.

As a friend just messaged me, in the latest press conference, they didn’t even mention social-physical contact again, and she’s really feeling like she could use a hug right now.

Something I would really like to give to her soon.

I could question if the government would ever take the ‘risk’ to affirm this positive anytime soon this year, if it’s wise for contagion and if it’s worth ‘breaking the rules’, …

Well, I don’t have the answer yet on what I would do if she’s standing in front of me in a couple of weeks.

But, I guess I’ll ask and follow my heart and sanity of my own mind to know what is right in this situation.

To the Universe, I’ll repeat a few more times: “How can I love more?”.

Until then, I’m patient for your response.

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