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For me to know that this life I’m living is not just an illusion and I’m not somehow part of 'the matrix', I need to be able to brutally honest express my wholeness.

Shadow and Light. Pain and Pleasure. Life and Death.

Picture by Potvliege Photography (do not use without consent)

The truth is that often I have more questions than I have answers. The truth is also that I question my own integrity so much that it hurts, a lot. It also means I don’t always have an answer to how to deal with this pain and how to listen to the hidden message of my soul underneath.

I’ve tried all of it. Going through it, allowing, accepting, freezing, fighting, and escaping. Holding on to the light, grasping to get back to it. It somehow works.

But eventually,

my desire is to learn TO LOVE being in the darkness, every moment.

CELEBRATING and welcoming it as an essential part of my existence. I want to be able to see the beauty it contains, even though it's dark and I'll need to use all my senses to have the courage to take steps forward.

Minne With a little reflection from my notebook.

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