Monastry reflections

It's been over a year now that I'm wandering the world AGAIN. Not calling one place home for longer than a few weeks.

It has been such an exciting year full of laughter, adventures, trust, connection, intense growth & freedom.

But also a year of instability. My financial & health situation, location and the people around me changed quickly and all the time. New and old traumas came on my path to clear with.

With the safe, guiding energy of having my best friend around this week I felt really emotional, realising and admitting I'm craving a more balanced sense of inner peace.

I feel a desire and need to settle my heart for the love of a partner, the sense of belonging to a place and community... And to stop the hunger & necessity to SEARCH in the hope to find these people, places or the answers to the million questions I ask myself every single day.

I'm longing to find the longer term happiness, focus and flow in 'just being present' with myself.

I want to LOVE and BE. And BE LOVED.

Reflection time while preparing to sleep in this Bulgarian monastry...

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