Me too.

Awareness on the topic of sexual harassment or abuse is one of the reasons why I initially started this blog. We should feel open and free to share about this topic and our pain. To come out with the taboos. Because sharing about trauma or experiences can be healing. Even if it's with just one friend or therapist.

To my opinion all men and women should be more educated about sharing sexuality, having your own sexual identity and consent.

I started this blog with the idea of sharing interviews about the sexuality/connection topic with people from different cultures. My intention was also to share my own insights and experiences through this blog. To inspire people to be more open minded.

Now I find myself posting pictures with vague comments on how I'm feeling and healing a lot. I asked myself many times... why are you just not sharing openly about it?

Fuck. It's fear.

The one thing I want to inspire others with: to not be afraid to talk about connection and sexuality.

But I must admit, I don't share my latest insights and experiences. I do feel fear. Fear of being judged, fear of being treated differently, fear to hurt others by sharing, fear of the reaction of my family, fear of being seen as a victem, an emotional exibisionist, a slut or prude.

Some people even tell me right in my face: "you are attracting danger to you by sharing this kind of personal and controversial stories. People will come after you to hurt you if they don't agree."

I don't want to turn this blog in a stereotypical travel blog with advice you can find also on 90% of all travel blogs. I want to be brave and overcome this fear for the expansion of my own personal growth and the inspiration for others to be brave too.

For today though, I will just keep it with the words: #metoo

Ps: Some words of encouragement or your '#metoo' in the comments would support me to get back to vurnerable writing soon. Offcourse I want to hear about your fears and worries too, just don't worry about me or project your fears on me. Thats not benefinting in any way.

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