Love, soon

I want to share an intimite story with you about my first experience with LOVE during my journey in Spain!

On friday I went to the San Juan ceremony (midsummernight) on a mountain in Bilbao. Apart from music, drinks and a whole lot of people, there was a fireshow, firework and a huge bonfire. Someone told me that we could throw a wish, written on paper, in the fire for good luck. The last years, during my coaching courses I've learned a lot about the power of fire and that it stands for transformation so I already believed my wish would become true.

I will share you the secret of what I wrote. It was: "Love, soon". Not that I was desperate or depressed. Not at all! I just have everything in my life that I want, so the only thing that I could think of to write was a partner to share my happiness with.

What I didn't think of, was that the universe has it's own ways in giving me my wishes. That evening I also didn't expect anything. Because what means 'soon', right?

I had such a blast that evening, it was so wonderful! After trowing my 'wish' in the bonfire, most of the crowd left and a live band started to perform: Irish folkmusic, in Spanish or basque! No kidding. The whole evening it rained and I danced like noone was watching, I laughed an giggled, sang and talked to strangers in 5 different languages! (Btw. I'm not drinking any alcohol for the whole year 2017.) The band stoped playing and at 2am, I fell asleep satisfied and still soaked from the rain.

So yesterday evening I was talking to one of my new friends how happy I was with that evening and that I enjoyed sharing so much happiness and love with her and all the others that were there.

And then I said it.

How much I loved myself that evening. How pure and strong the SELFLOVE felt that night. It was so so so beautiful!

That's how the universe gave me my gift. It listened to the 'love' part and to the 'soon'. I never specified on my paper it had to be with someone else! Still, I couldn't be more happy with how it went.

Today I hiked to a church in the ocean, called San Juan. Locals told me during the walk that I should dong the bell of the curch 3 times and do a wish. I don't know if it's the same saint Juan, but if it is, it's a good one. You can guess what my wish was this time...

* * * * *

*** Love, soon ***

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