Learning by means of Art

On Monday I'm returning from an 18-day journey to Austria and Poland. I participated in 2 international training courses through Erasmus+, a program that allows persons working in the social field to exchange experience and knowledge through informal learning.

The connection between the 2 projects I just had, was the expressive use of methods in Arts, the emotion and power behind vulnerability, intense ways of self-reflection and a new addition in my network and sources in a field I would like to develop in.

After these past 2 weeks...

I want to say more YES in life too:

Dancing freely! I used to love dancing as a young girl until I had a really bad experience in a dance club where I felt so much shame, I completely stopped doing it. Even more... I refused to ever dance again. Yeah. I've skipped going out to clubs in my teenage years even! Since I've been more involved in Tantra since 2 years ago, a lot of that trauma around dancing has been dissolved. But for this week my mind (or better body) has been blown! Through the guidance of one of the trainers I've learned about 'Contact improvisation' a very non-judgemental, playful but conscious and in relation with others way of dancing that is so beautiful!

Conscious Touch! Touch is for some to use (and abuse sometimes) the other's body to fulfil their own needs. I love to bring presence and awareness to it, and this brings me much joy being in physical contact with beautiful other humans... I mean, it charges me up with positivity, and comfort faster than my phone charges itself with electricity. :D I would like to share more of that what brings me Joy and Healing! Look at the Grow page to see what I can offer you.

Creating Art! I've always loved using arts as a way of expression and exploration but I feel I didn't give it enough attention lately, so these 2 weeks were a great reminder of the importance of this creative process to me.

Did you know that creativity and sexuality are located in the same energy centre in your body?

I've always considered my personal research in intimacy with Compass to Connection as aesthetic... Searching for the beauty in the diversity of love and sexuality and questioning and exploring it through all it's different layers which both can be seen as philosophical and artistic.

by Potvliege Photography

I feel so grateful again for this new learning process that created so many beautiful ideas for the near future with Compass to Connection. Thank you JOETZ vzw for giving me the trust to be one of the representatives of your organisation in these projects.

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