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I'm so proud of my clients every time they take a step outside their comfort zone.

It's 2 degrees Celcius outside.

My client decided she would come up all the way to the coast to have an in-person session at this location with me. Right before the session, she wrote me that she feels nervous, she's experiencing a lot of emotion in her body lately, and even thinking about expressing those in a public space made her feel uncomfortable. But also that she trusts the process.

Just by moving with the messages of the wind and the guidance of our bodies and intuition, I see a tender, introverted and a little bit shy woman transform into a shining light-FORCE!

Once she took the decision to 'follow the tread of LIFE' and felt in her body how that speaks to her, she seemed almost unstoppable for a moment. Not even the cold could stop her. She threw off her shoes and while I thought she would just touch-toe the ocean, she ran in till her waist. The expression of her loud screams of enthusiasm, laughter, and hopping continued in the beach puddles.

This expression of life made her day. Probably the day of the passer-by's who cheered her on and also mine! Her expression of life force made me run into the water too. (I forgot to take off my boots, so they are still drying since yesterday, haha)

I'm so proud of my clients every time they take a step outside their comfort zone. I often get asked what I do with clients in my sessions...

I don't always know how I will guide them into it upfront... but 'expression' is key for me in these sessions. Learning and then allowing to give expression to anything that wants to move through, always brings up the medicine of LIFE itself.

With this share, I also want to express GRATITUDE to the kind of clients that have so naturally found their way to me lately and over the years. It's such an honor to do this work in the world.

Much love,


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