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How are you with ending things?

How often do you consciously end important chapters of your life?

I’m coming to the end of my stay in the Bulgarian town, Bansko. I’ve always described it for the past few years as a place I call my second home. I was excited to come here to spend 3 weeks again in the mountains I love so much.

The moment right before going to the airport, a friend asked me what my intention was to go there. I could have answered that I was invited to host some workshops for women here and do some other work and hopefully get relaxed.

Instead, I said what I felt…

I’m going there to say goodbye to the place I call my second home. It feels like it’s going to be my last time.

It feels weird, the idea I wouldn’t come back here anymore. In some conversations, I even heard myself saying, “when I’m back next time”... I believe ending chapters isn’t about completely denying yourself from a place or person. It’s about letting go of the structure it had.

For me being in Bansko was always about social community, growing as an entrepreneur, becoming more productive, active and effective, experiencing remote work, creating a network with very diverse people, etc.

What I’ve experienced with being here this time again, is that these things are not on my wish- or need-list anymore, at least at this moment. Instead, I craved solo-time, relaxation, meaningful emotional connections, grounding, silence, slowing down. All these new things could have a place in a town like Bansko, but that also means maybe hanging out with different people there, choosing different activities, and communicating newly established boundaries.

I often hated saying goodbye to people and places, I would avoid it and just disappear at the end of an event or slowly let friendships and connections fade away. Or think of places as something I will come back to and not necessary to say my goodbyes.

Since I’m more in contact with my inner mature masculine, I see the stronger impulse to create powerful endings. The covid situation only amplifies this desire.

We all live and we all die. We meet and we have to say goodbye.

The acceptance of this brings calmness to the body and mind. With the power of the last full moon, (which is perfect for letting things go,) this is what I want to send out. Where in your life could you use an intentional ending to create space for something new? Minne

Pictures from my previous weeks in Bansko. Do not use without my consent.

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