Holding myself tightly

One day I noticed myself waking up when I was holding myself tightly. My own arms were wrapped around my whole body. And it felt so good, so safe, and so nourishing.

Later I also noticed I was sometimes holding my own hands, not in a way to let them rest into each other, but again for the feeling of being 'in touch'.

When we allow our body to act according to its needs, we're always able to provide it for ourselves. If we allow to listen and be guided by that wisdom, there is an abundance to be found.

Now every time I notice I'm craving a bit of human touch, love or consolation, giving myself this type of TOUCH is the first thing I do.

And it works! It releases oxytocin for the times needed.

I'm a touchy person actually, my love language is touch, my job involves touch, and my friends know me for being a real cuddler.

But even after being 1,5 months now without being physically in contact with another living being, I'm still NOT IN DESPAIR. 🙏😅 Instead, I've just proven myself to be self-fulfilling in another thing, for when it's needed in time.

When shops open again, I'm going to buy myself a stuffed animal! 🙈Next level lockdown solo cuddle parties.

Still looking forward to hugging again after all of this...

How are you staying sane on the touch-part during these isolating times? What have you learned that works for you?


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