Goodbye Belgium

It has been 1 week since I left Belgium for my big journey. Time for an update on where I am! Right now I'm in Rimor, a tiny and old village close to Ponferrada in the center of Spain.

It's a huge difference here with my first days in Barcelona! In Barcelona I had a great time with my friend Naomi to celebrate her birthday. These were 4 days with a mixture of local and turistic activities. In a few words I would describe it as: tapas, fun, bikes, Gaudi and friendship.

On monday I had a 10h trainride to Ponferrada where my Workaway host Roció came to pick me up with her daughter. A nice surprise was that there was an other vollunteer also named Inna, she is the first Ukrainian person I ever met!

So now the last days, I have been sharing the house with these 3 beautiful ladies and waw, what a womanpower we have together! We fixed the chickenhouse, restructured the compostplace, took care of the vegatables and the old wooden floor. In exchange for my work I recieve a bed, very healthy delicious food and a nice new friendship. Still there is so much time in the day left to wonder by myself, walk, read, do siesta or go pick cherries. It's the perfect place to reconnect with nature and myself!

I feel happy and certainly have no regrets starting this new lifestyle!

Hasta luego! Adiós!!

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