I come into my apartment after my travel to France and all my personal stuff is gone. There is some furniture I don’t recognize and someone is renovating some things on the walls. I look around confused and I question what is happening.

So I ask the first person I see what’s going on and he replies: “Oh, the current renter left quite suddenly, so tomorrow people are coming to look to rent the apartment.” I’m standing there shocked. I call my landlord to ask why he thought I’m leaving and he says I emailed him a couple of days ago. I go into my emails, and I see that I did! I emailed him in de middle of the night to tell him, I wanted to stop the contract because I would start travelling full time again. I had no memory of it and since I’ve sent it in the middle of the night, it was probably part of some sleepwalking or dreaming.

I’m unsure if I should accept the situation and search for a new apartment or become nomadic again. The next day I witness so many people coming to visit the place with interest. And I feel sad because I don’t want to leave this special place.

I see the landlord talking to potential new renters and I walk to him. I tell him: “I’m really sorry, but I believe I don’t want to leave this place. My unconscious mind wrote to you that email when I was still sleeping. I would really, really like to stay here and live here some longer.”

He says he understands and shouts into the room that everyone can go home now. He’s not open to renting out to anyone else anymore. I can stay, and I feel so relieved.

- I wake up. -

I wake up in a bed in the French Alps, in the bed next to me a friend I met when I lived in Germany last year. It was just a dream. (Checking my emails as we speak, to be 100% sure! :p) The past few days I’ve been really enjoying meeting new people, connecting with old friends, working and walking in an inspiring mountain environment… Basically having this change of scenery. Even though the travel itself was a bit of a challenge, I really felt like I needed it… And I put all my effort to get here. I wanted to break the routine I was in again at home. So I started questioning myself again if I maybe want to have a nomadic lifestyle again...

But because of this dream last night, I realise I don’t want to give up my home base. I started to travel to run away from routine, only to find out that after a while some type of travel became my new routine. I’ve been travelling, living, studying and working abroad for almost 6 years full time, in very different ways, changing the routine of doing it once in a while. It allowed me to go through immense personal growth and a healthy habit of chasing my dreams.

The call I’m hearing about the next travel though is going more inwards again. With the destination of not only reaching my heart but living from there, exploring it’s possibilities and becoming adventures in meeting people in that space every single day. Growing into deeper levels of consciousness, even more.

My beautiful place in Ghent is a perfect place for that, giving me the stability and safety to make this courageous travel inwards without an end date. Until living bravely from my heart becomes the next routine. I’ll see where I want to go then… :)

And I might come back to do a workation (in Cloud Citadel - Coliving Coworking Community) because I get some new focus and inspiration here. Settling and travelling inwards doesn’t mean I have to lock myself up. (And I would recommend this place to anyone.)

But I feel also a big FUCKING YES to the path I’m on! Thank you ‘dream’ for reminding me I KNOW down deeply the direction I’m going is where I belong at this moment. And it’s another way of travelling full-time.

So grateful also for the coming new moon with this new energy. It’s almost like 2020 has only started for me now and I needed the first 2 weeks of January to process more of 2019.

What is your next destination in 2020?


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