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“I am the love that I am looking for Knowing that my heart is my home” - Fia

I crave to settle roots and wallow my body into the earth that feels like home. And even though my heart is my home, the more I connect with it, the more it tells me to go. I can easily adapt to places and people, as I’ve learned during my time living all over the world.

But to commit to one location or person comes hard for me. I so easily become restless and my need to start to move comes again and again.

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My restlessness can be seen as running away. Fear of dealing with what’s there. Or it can be a calling from my heart, that lessons have been learned here and now and that it’s time to move on to the next destination.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

My intention was to leave my home in Ghent before the summer of 2021 and to move to my new-longterm place. Somewhere that I can call mine and start building a deeper connection with sustainable plans for work/temple, community/family, and living closer to nature.

I’m not sure I will have found that place by then. But I’ll keep my commitment to move out before the summer anyway. If a new home isn’t coming on my path, I’ll have to walk the path to find home again. Latest in June, I plan to either pass on the contract or to sublet my place until I’ve officially found my new spot. (Let me know if you’re interested in my place for any of these options and I’ll keep you updated.)

I’m not sure what exactly I’ll do or where I’ll go, but I might spend some months in Sweden, Portugal, (??)… to feel how living there would be like and if my heart is satisfied with landing there. (If you have a remote place for rent or know of a conscious community that I could live with for a while, I’m happy to hear.)

When I’m gone and until I find roots to open the Compass to Connection practice again, I’ll take time to write my book, and there will still be opportunities for working together individually online or retreats and workshops that will still take place in Belgium and other places.

I’ve experienced traveling long term with the intention to ‘fly and be free’. I wonder how it will be like to travel with the intention to ‘land and come home’. It feels scary to embark on this new journey. But also expansive and right for the heart.

See you on the path.

x Minne

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