I’ve always struggled with the feeling of loneliness. Feeling different or somehow not included. It was more present when I was WITH others.

For a long time, I desired a partner. I was a bit envious of all those people seemingly having their shit together. And when the lockdown was announced, I freaked out for a moment. Wait, do I have to do this alone?

Not that I can’t… I mean, I travelled around the world, started a business, rented an apartment and learned to love myself, by myself. But this?

The world turned still, the inside became louder. My usual fear of missing out, faded. My introverted side loves not having to see anyone for a while. I rediscover taking walks for the sake of it, not with a set destination.

People started to message me, they were feeling scared, lonely, bored, angry, panic and insecure. They didn’t have their shit together. And day by day, I could feel my own loneliness vanish more.

It’s like people's masks are falling off. AUTHENTICITY and the care for the collective are spreading. We are slowing down. Feeling.

And I can’t help myself feeling more connected than ever, and at ease.

x Minne

(I'm willing to share this feeling of peace inside of myself, it's a perfect 'mode' to hold space for people. We can have an online session to talk about how you're doing, if you want.)

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