Fear is optional

Many people tell me I'm so courageous for travelling the world by myself.

But I can't tell them enough, how much I'm dealing with fears every single day. Over and over. But also every day they grow a little bit less.

Apart from those fears, I also have many dreams and goals in my life. Like travelling the world. And I don't want people or society and absolutly not myself (with the fears) let me stop from reaching those lifegoals.

I want to live, explore and experience everything with intensity and to it's fullest! 🌞

So the only option I see here is, to overcome my fears. To look them in the eye, in a safe controlled way. So I can see that there is no actual danger or to experience that I'm fiercer then I ever thought I could be. We grow fearless by walking into or fears. And being fearless is not even necessary. A little bit of adrenaline makes you feel more alive. Feeling a little bit of fear is also perfectly normal and human.

You know, the fear is not real... it's a feeling. Danger is real. So I try to OVERCOME my fears, and learn how to DEAL with the danger. Once you know the difference you will not want any fears stop you from living the life you want.

I came home to Belgium, for a short stop to participate in a 5 day Krav Maga / Self-defense summercamp. I have the arms of a Smurf, blue of all the bruises I got by fighting my way out of dangerous situations in busses, cars, bars, the street, shower or here on this picture I'm dealing with an unwanted guest in my bedroom at night. I learned how to deal with extreme situations of threats with knifes, guns, in case of kidnapping or sexual assault. I learned how to give first aid in extreme situations as terrorist attacks.

If any of these scenarios would happen in real life, would I survive unharmed? Maybe not. But hell yes, I raised my chances.

Don't stay at home. Live!

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