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I’m present in the temple, the one that is my body. It’s a sacred playground overflowing with sensuality, freedom, and openness.

I feel confident, in control, and in contact with my wisdom and experience.

But there is one thing I don’t understand. Something in which I do not fully see myself. It feels overwhelming. Like a soft breeze that swiftly turns into a raging tornado.

Another side of a polarity.

I can see it’s beauty, but I don’t want to.

My reflex is to hide or run from it.

Picture of me by Potvliege Photography. Do not use it without our consent.

But my wisdom, intuition, and sense of responsibility keep bringing me back. Because ultimately I want to be a teacher that owns all that lives inside of me, but none that is outside.


the more I run, hide or fight, the stronger the force gets.

The more she attacks, the closer I get to where I have to surrender.

I keep resisting.

Not understanding, the answer is at my fingertips, available to explore. With the feeling of the ground underneath my feet, supporting me, bringing safety and trust. I hate what I see in her eyes. But it’s impossible to look away.

Wait, is it me, that I see?

A tiger, that ROARS and is fucking powerful in protecting her boundaries.

Attacking me with the purpose of waking me up. Intimidating me if it needs to.

To show me that I’m the only one standing in the way of the bushes with raspberries. Fruit that makes me sweet and mellow.

She came not to shed blood, but to taste the other sweet red nectar. That creates my own divine combination.

So, I welcome you, tiger. That you may walk with me on my path.

Guiding me through the lunar force, my instinctual and raw wildness, my ease in the darkness, and feminine energy.

I honor that you hunt at night, one with silence… fearing nothing. I allow you to help me to soothe and heal my spirits, sensuality, receptivity, beauty, and devotion that might heighten during this midnight hour.

I want you to remind me that there is nothing to fear in the stillness and wild darkness except the awakening of my own power.

x Minne

I also want to express my gratitude to @Hugo Mega for his 'Dreaming Journey course' that helps me with interpretation and solving the unresolved.

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