Compass Quotes #10

"I was involved with boys and too much drugs... I am really not proud of it. I wasn't who I wanted to be or who I was supposed to be. I just couldn't set my boundaries at all. Because of this, I sometimes wasn't responsible for her and I think a mom should always be responsible for her kids. She should make sure her kid is always safe and the mom is also safe as well. In that way I wasn't really responsible before and I didn't think that I was a good mom. Or when I didn't know how to cope with myself, with my 'highs and lows' and very strong emotions. This must have affected her... It is my biggest regret, that I wasn't really there for my daughter at that time.

I'm more stable now and I would define myself as a good mom. I’m a good mom now, I'm sure."

Compass: Mechelen, Belgium Connected with: Belgium

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